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5 Ways to Help a Toddler in Distress

Toddlers certainly add excitement to our lives, don’t they? One minute they’re on top of the world singing and dancing across the living room. And the next, they’re a pile of tears on the kitchen floor. They can often seem like a ticking emotional time bomb. We’re never quite sure what will set them off….

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The secret hideout or Why you should stay close when your child has a meltdown

I don’t know what it is these days, but come 4:30/5:00 meltdowns seem just another part of our busy day. This particular day wasn’t any different. Except it was. Perhaps it was the much needed Thanksgiving break. Whatever it was, I was seeing/hearing/feeling much more clearly. So here we are, 4:30 on the nose, plopping…

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Parenting and the power of forgiveness

She fell asleep before we could exchange our apologies. The sun was already setting on our long, hectic day and dinner had yet to be served. Hunger and fatigue, the common bewitching hour triggers, took hold of us all. And tantrums were had. Right there in our car, still far from home. I vacillated between…

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Tantrum truths

Tantrums…they throw a major kink in our day, ruffle our feathers, and test our patience. They.are.hard. For parents and kids alike. They are also quite fascinating to me. Fascinating because I think many of us misunderstand them and in the heat of a tantrum, we would give anything for it to just.be.over. Here are a…

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Kindergarten and the return of the monster tantrum

It happened on Monday. Something I often counsel parents about and logically, I can see exactly how and why it happens. I just wasn’t prepared for it to happen to me. In broad daylight. With what felt like a million eyes all on me. I came face to face with a monster of a tantrum….

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Why your 5 year old is bringing back the tantrum and how you can help

Being a 5-year-old is hard. Starting kindergarten, learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, losing your first tooth, and being expected to (gasp) sit still for a prolonged period of time. It’s enough to push any child over the edge if the circumstances are just right. Plenty of parents both confide in me…

Anatomy of a tantrum

I think most of us know how a tantrum plays out… Child wants something, it’s not appropriate, we distract or say “not now”, child becomes increasingly more upset, our heart rate starts to quicken because we sense the imminent storm…then it happens. Our sweet child suddenly transforms into a screaming, crying, flailing mess. We’re left…