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Beauty and the Barbie

It was not long ago that I stood, confused, in the toy aisle of Target searching for a doll for my three year old daughter. I considered Barbie, then after 20 minutes of considering the potential ramifications of a toy on my daughter’s self-esteem, I thought better of it. I left Barbie on the shelf….

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last year around this time, when the warmth of the sun was just right and the blue sky was dotted with white fluffy clouds, we would head out. It was the weekend after all. We could go anywhere San Francisco, Monterey, or stay local. We would leisurely enjoy our just right, early spring weather. There was nowhere…

Confused by Barbie

This mission should have taken ten minutes max. I had a free hour to knock out some Christmas shopping and on my shopping list was a doll for my daughter, one she could use for her dollhouse. There I was, at Target, enthusiastic and ready to pick out a cute doll for her. I found…