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Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep, apparently it’s no myth. I’m over at Our Mommyhood today, extolling the virtues of sleep. I know that we have all heard this before but for some reason, way too many of us fall short. I always need a good reminder to get back on track. Sleep is that important. So, go check out…

From Cable Cars in San Francisco to a Sad Santa Misadventure

Winter break with my little family of four has been many things for these past two weeks. I relished in our closeness as we played games by the fire. I almost pulled all my hair out listening to the endless bickering between Big Brother and Little Sister as they spent the last two weeks with…

Stranger Safety Tips Inspired by Santa

I’m over at Our Mommyhood today sharing some tips on teaching our children stranger safety. My son, always keeping us on our toes, wants to know if Santa is a stranger. See how we handled that hot potato and come on over to share your own stranger safety tips.

How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner with a Toddler in Tow

I’m over at Our Mommyhood today. I’m talking about toddlers and Thanksgiving. Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner can be tricky when you’re constantly playing chase the toddler. See my tips for making sure you get to at least sit down long enough to enjoy some turkey and wine. So, click on over to Our Mommyhood and share…

The Doctor is In

At least I will be for two mornings a week now. After a week of serious contemplation, I’ve finally made a decision regarding my own personal Crossroads. Thank you for all of your wonderful support, advice, and encouragement. I really have taken every single comment to heart. You have helped me more than you know….