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7 ways to maximize your child’s health

When discussing the health of our children, the big picture perspective is hugely important. We often (I included) get side-tracked or preoccupied with specific symptoms or worrisome habits in our children. We want to know why those pesky ear infections keep coming back or why our kindergartner can’t seem to sit still for more than…

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No more bedtime battles…I hope

We’re doing a little experiment over here. Actually, it’s not so little. It was quite a huge undertaking over the weekend. But you see, we’re a little desperate. Once again. For sleep. For our protected adult time that doesn’t entail falling asleep with our kids. Every.single.night. Admittedly, we cuddle our kids to sleep every night….

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Crazy and funny truths about sleep and children

It’s Friday, and I’m in a let’s lighten up and laugh at ourselves sort of mood. Besides, we’d never make it through this parenting gig if we couldn’t find the humor in some of the stuff that we go through. Since we talked about sleep this week (lack of it, more specifically), I’ve gathered some…

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I Pay My Kids to go to Sleep

Bedtime is serious business around here. Once I’ve announced that the bedtime routine has commenced, I’m in no mood for elaborate stalling techniques or having to repeat myself 10 times before a certain Big Brother actually brushes his teeth. I guess you could call me the bedtime drill sergeant…whatever. I’m completely serious about bedtime. It’s…

A Sleepwalker Among Us

A reader recently wrote in to me, wondering how she should handle her son’s sleepwalking episodes. She says they occur several times a month. Mostly though, she just wants to know “how to handle the moments when he is standing in our room completely out of it.” I can completely understand how unnerving that must be….

The Sweetest Thing

I don’t know what it is lately, but I feel we’re in a phase over here. A phase that I do not want to end. A time in our children’s lives in which I’m acutely aware will be ending too soon. We are in the cuddling at bedtime phase. Well, we’ve actually been in this…

Pillow talk

When it comes to bedtime around here, I am all business. I can’t seem to help myself, the orders just come flying out of my mouth. Time for PJs, go potty, brush your teeth. Okay, let’s read a couple of books, say prayers, sing a song, then lights out. Night night, I love you and…