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The Breastfeeding Doll…Just a Toy

I wasn’t going to write about the Breast Milk Baby Doll. I didn’t see a need to, nor did I even think it was a big deal. Why such controversy over a doll that promotes breastfeeding? Breastfeeding after all is a natural, wonderful way to feed your baby. The benefits are numerous and well known….

Beauty and the Barbie

It was not long ago that I stood, confused, in the toy aisle of Target searching for a doll for my three year old daughter. I considered Barbie, then after 20 minutes of considering the potential ramifications of a toy on my daughter’s self-esteem, I thought better of it. I left Barbie on the shelf….

Confused by Barbie

This mission should have taken ten minutes max. I had a free hour to knock out some Christmas shopping and on my shopping list was a doll for my daughter, one she could use for her dollhouse. There I was, at Target, enthusiastic and ready to pick out a cute doll for her. I found…