Maile’s World

Introductory Post

IMG_2444This is Maile. She’s 9. She’s obsessed with petting dogs. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite thing to do is dance. She’s my daughter. And, she wanted to blog. So, we created Maile’s World. A space for her to write and share some of her world…with you. Enjoy!




September 13, 2017: SLIME!!!

FullSizeRender (2)Today, I made fluffy slime that is borax free! I found this slime recipe by SoCraftastic on Youtube. First, put one cup of glue ( I prefer Elmer’s glue). Then, put the glue into a bowl. After that, put half a teaspoon of baking soda in the bowl. Now, mix it and then put some shaving cream in the bowl.Then, put any color of food coloring of your choice. I used blue. Then, start mixing until it looks smooth. After that, put some contact solution or laundry detergent (Tide). After that, add glitter if you want to be super happy!! Then mix well and you are done and have some super fluffy slime!



August 13, 2017: Back to School Shopping

shutterstock_597484967Today, my mom and I went back to school shopping. We went to Staples to shop for our school supplies. For fourth grade, I got a lot stuff and we also got a lot of stuff for my brother. My mom ended up spending a lot of money, but she said it was worth it because we are getting an education. The last thing we needed was a mini stapler. Mom and I were confused because it was called Staples and we couldn’t find a mini stapler. It took about 20 minutes to find one, but…finally!! My mom and I were pooped when we came home! I’m nervous and excited for school but it will be an adventure.



August 12, 2017: My Guinea Pigs

FullSizeRender (1)While my family and I were in Hawaii, I started thinking about my other guinea pig, Oreo, who passed away. I started getting sad. So, my mom whispered to me,”Do you want to get two guinea pigs?” I said yes because I really wanted a pet. A few days after we got back from Hawaii, we went to the pet store. My dad thought we would just take a look, but there was one guinea pig that caught my eye. He was light brown, dark brown, and white. He was so cute he made me cry happy tears! To my dad’s surprise, we got him and I named him Bear. My brother also got one named Waffles. He is black, white, and brown. The first few days, my dad wanted to return them. But now, Bear lets us pet him and Waffles is starting to feel comfortable with us. And he (my dad) ran out of time to return them.  I LOVE them sooo much!!!


August 11, 2017: Back to School Thoughts

Today was like any normal summer day except that we found out who my teacher will be in 4th grade and who will beshutterstock_568076716 in my class. I got a great teacher. I never knew about her until today. I found out she is an animal lover like me!!!! There are only nine girls in my class and the rest are boys! But one of my BEST friends is in the same class as me! Sadly, my brother is going to Junior High and he didn’t know many people in his class:( I love school but when I’m in the middle of the school year, sometimes I just want to be done. At the beginning I’m always excited and towards the end I start thinking about summer!



August 10, 2017: Maile Shack

I started watching a show called Andi Mack . It’s about a girl in Junior High that is finding out secrets about her shutterstock_230014462family and when she gets stressed, she goes to her Andi Shack where she makes art. And that’s where I got the idea of making the Maile Shack. It is where I’ll make art and creative stuff. The stores I recommend to buy furniture and art supplies are Target, Michaels, and Pottery Barn. So, every weekend we will go to the store getting art supplies and furniture until it is all done and then it will be art time!! Have an amazing day!!