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The Summer Slide?

So I have these books that I bought in preparation for summer. You know the ones. The ones to bridge your kids through summer onto the next grade. So their minds don’t turn to mush. So they don’t have to relearn everything from the grade before. You know, I want to be a good, responsible…

Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby

Being a newborn can be hard work. Being a parent of a newborn can be even harder. It’s exactly like everyone told you it would be, except now you’re living it. It’s overwhelming. Exhausting. All Consuming. But also the most beautiful, amazing, and important moment of your life. Parenthood certainly changes you. And just when…

The Teen Connection: Helping Teens Safely Navigate Social Media

Teens are actively engaged in social media, social networking, and texting.  We know this, not simply by looking at the stats, but by seeing them around us. In the office, at coffee shops, and in their homes. Their smartphones and the world that is opened through various apps, plays a significant role in their social lives….

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5 Ways to Help a Toddler in Distress

Toddlers certainly add excitement to our lives, don’t they? One minute they’re on top of the world singing and dancing across the living room. And the next, they’re a pile of tears on the kitchen floor. They can often seem like a ticking emotional time bomb. We’re never quite sure what will set them off….

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Working mom: the highs and lows as captured by a 6 year old

She does this dance. A genuinely happy, exuberant, twisting, jumping, and twirling dance. And it’s all for me. Her wide, crooked smile greets me as I pull into the garage. It’s dark. I’ve been gone all day. The last time I saw her was early in the morning at kindergarten drop-off. We exchanged “kissing hands”,…

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You don’t need a costume to be a superhero

Dear Parents, Your child thinks the world of you. Yes, you. You are it. The best. The funniest. The smartest. A real life hero. Sure you may not feel exactly like the superhero type when you’re hustling everyone out the door during the morning rush. Do superheroes really have to say everything at least 10…

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What children can teach us about death

I had no idea where she went. I thought she didn’t want to hear anymore of my fore-warnings or failed attempts to make it all okay. My husband and I had been prepping her for weeks…any day now, honey. Pinkie’s not looking so good. Somehow, on that night, at 5 years old, she knew. She…

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