The Summer Slide?

photo (9)So I have these books that I bought in preparation for summer.

You know the ones. The ones to bridge your kids through summer onto the next grade. So their minds don’t turn to mush. So they don’t have to relearn everything from the grade before.

You know, I want to be a good, responsible mom.

But I have yet to open them. Just don’t have the heart to set them out.

My kids are in full summer heaven.

Staying up late. Sleeping in. And yes, they finally sleep in! It actually does happen.

Days are spent poolside, on play dates, going to the library, biking, hiking, and there’s not a worksheet in sight.

It’s good.

They get bored, want to watch The Lego Movie, and play Minecraft.

But they also create, play outside, and play games. There’s no agenda.

I like Summer this way. Sure, I still encourage them to bring along a good book wherever we go. But you know, there’s no pressure. No reading logs. No, did you do your 20 minutes of reading today.

We all know that Summers are not endless. But for our kids, shouldn’t they feel that way?

So, the only slide on my mind this Summer is the one my kids run to, slide down with giggles, and flash their thumbs up as they glide into the cool refreshing waters below.

And this can go on for hours.

So, am I worried about the dreaded Summer Slide?

No way. I’m having too much fun going down the slide myself.

One Response to The Summer Slide?
  1. Craig Canapari MD
    July 4, 2014 | 7:30 am

    I could not agree more with this. My best memories of summer were not structured. Summers don’t last forever and I think that the relentless drive towards enrichment can be damaging to children.