So this is 8

photo (1)Grown up teeth with a little boy smile

Wise cracks, potty humor, and interesting choice of words

Torn up jeans, shaggy hair, and faux hawks

At school pick-up you fly right by…unaware that Mama wants a hug

Races through mud, monster trucks flying off rocks, and Legos burying the living room table

Baseball, soccer, basketball, and golf…the age of endless possibilities

Charlie Brown on the piano and pancakes for breakfast…

Corn dogs, hot dogs, and cheese pizza

No, I don’t like that and I’m not picky at all

Roy Rogers for my birthday dinner please….and still running circles around mom and dad come 10pm

Don’t I get an allowance now? and Can I ride my bike to the park by myself?

It’s the world of I’ll gladly pay you with an hour of homework now for 30 minutes of Minecraft later

Yes, today is a perfect day for a slushie

Or maybe I should fly my helicopter first

2nd grade, recess is the best, and tricks on the monkey bars

The land between kindergarten and fourth grade

I have like 4 girlfriends and …

Oh, so that’s where babies come from…ewww

Late to wake up on school days and where in the world are your shoes?!?!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid…books 1-7. Enough said.

Up at the crack of dawn on weekends…ready to play…shoes on of course.

Discovery Channel, Destroyed in Seconds and the Sinking of the Titanic

Drop me off here mom and no hugs in front of my friends

Poptropica, it’s all the rage

Must climb that tree. Now. And that one. Oh, and that one too…

But now it’s dark and I need you…can you please stay until I fall asleep?

So this is 8


And from this Mama’s perspective…eight is pretty darn great

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One Response to So this is 8
  1. Katherine
    February 21, 2013 | 3:16 pm

    Perfectly described. I love age 8. Actually I love every age. I’m sure I’ll retract that statement when my kids are teenagers, but so far, I love every age.